Beekeeping Services

Host-a-Hive in Alice Springs today

Along with quality honey and wax products, we also provide the Alice Springs region with a number of bee-related services. Whether it’s part of our Host-a-Hive program or a swarm collection, contact the Red Centre Honey team today to find out more about our available services.

If you’re interested in becoming a registered beekeeper and setting up a beehive of your own, talk to Red Centre Honey about the range of beekeeping workshops we have on offer. You’ll get the knowledge and skills that you’ll need to care for these incredible insects.


To keep up with our increasing demand for local, pure honey, Red Centre Honey offers our Host-a-Hive service to select residents in the Alice Springs region.

Host-a-Hive is a relatively simple process and a great way to get delicious local honey, free of charge and effort. Simply contact the Red Centre Honey team and organise a time to meet. We will provide all the necessary equipment, including the bees and beehives, and we do all the servicing and collection needed. You are then remunerated with delicious, local honey for letting the hive sit on your property.

If you’re interested in hosting a hive in your backyard, contact Red Centre Honey and speak to our friendly team to see if you’re eligible today.


During spring, you may notice an increase in bees and bee swarming. This is a natural occurrence. Bees will tend to swarm around trees, branches or some basic structures. Red Centre Honey can help organise safe, reliable transfer of bee swarms from your property to one of our specially designed beehives.

Removing bees yourself can be dangerous, leading to stings which can cause redness and swelling. To avoid this, contact our team before taking any action. Instead of spraying bugs with a hose or insect repellent, get one of your experienced beekeepers to come and assess your situation. We will then take appropriate action to get the swarm safely off your property to protect both you and the bees.

If you have a swarm that you need removed, contact Red Centre Honey to speak to a registered, Alice Springs beekeeper.

For Emergency Swarm Collection, Contact 0408 72 2315